What I know

Energizing people to live the hidden dreams they have for their lives is what drives me.


I was recently at a gathering with a few friends I hadn’t seen in a while and we were catching up. After updating each other on work, our families, and other obligatory topics, the conversation began to drift beneath the surface. We started to reveal more of ourselves.


One woman turned to me and with longing in her voice, she said, “I’ve always secretly wanted to style a family”, to which I responded “Why does it have to be a secret?”


Secret desires live deep within each of us. My purpose is to help you remove the internal blocks that stand in your way and free the path toward those dreams.


I also know that….

  • Close friends are the family we choose.
  • Play and humor are essential to a joyful life.
  • House plants are one of the best forms of decor.
  • Laughter heals.
  • A party without dancing is NOT a party.
  • YOU can have anything you want!

My Journey

I’ve always known that I’m supposed to do work that helps people discover their full potential, which is why I became an educator, Peace Corps volunteer, and ultimately a leadership and life coach. But as so often happens, life presented detours. 


After returning to the U.S., student loans, bills, and consumerism ended up influencing my choices rather than my truest calling. I fell deep into what I call “the hustle trap.” I worked hard to purchase the things I thought I was “supposed” to have, in order to portray the life I was “supposed” to be living, which required me to work longer and harder at an unfulfilling job so that I could buy more stuff.


I only found relief when I started to do the deep work of paying attention and listening to myself.  This looked like noticing what I love and leaning into it. I also became aware of what I found depleting and stressful and did less of those things.  I began to think of myself as the creator of my life, which lead me to make some big, scary choices that ultimately unlocked the doors to more joy and satisfaction. We all hold the keys to our own doors.


What Truly Matters to Me

During the past decade, I’ve been methodically disentangling myself from the things that don’t matter and exploring myself in order to embrace what does matter – feeling alive and satisfied with my life, creating and working on projects that excite me, strengthening relationships with people I care about, and helping others discover what truly ignites them.


Ten years ago I had a prestigious position with a well-regarded organization that far surpassed any job I thought I could get coming home to the U.S. in the middle of a recession. I was in my twenties and making more money than I ever thought I’d make as an educator.  I was also miserable, anxious, and desperately wanted out.  So I decided that by the time my birthday rolled around I would be celebrating my new job! Four months later I was celebrating my birthday in St. Lucia and toasting to my new position that I had started the week prior! That marked a turning point in my life. I knew the power of a decision, and that at any time I could make a new choice.


What’s the story you want to tell in ten years?


I love sharing what I’ve learned to help others create and live the life they want. I’d love nothing more than to help reveal your greatness!

It’s Time to Live Exceptionally!

Yes YOU! You’re dedicated to becoming the highest version of yourself,  showing up for your dreams, and putting in the work to make it happen.  You’re also ready to start now!

I’m here to guide you on the path to step into your power and live exceptionally!

Janine is also a partner in her husband’s coaching company Manifestara LLC

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