How to Focus on Making the Biggest Impact

by Janine
“I have to be real with myself about which of my actions are impactful and which may be harmful.” ~Janine Rudder
​The events of the past few weeks have consumed me – The murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor by police, the country opening up despite Covid cases increasing in many states, and U.S. Covid deaths exceeding 100,000. As a result, I’ve become uncontrollably attached to my phone.  Group chats, social media posts, and the news app have me glued to my screens.
​I’ve become one of those people who scours the comments on posts supporting anti-police brutality protests intentionally looking for dissenters to chastise.  This is so not me and I’m exhausted.  Let me be clear, working for racial equity and for justice for George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor is indicative of my core values.  However, squandering my time, energy, and good mood going back and forth on Facebook with the friend of a friend is not at all reflective of who I want to be.
I’m devoted to protesting, having meaningful dialogue, and donating my time and resources to causes and organizations doing great work.  Also, I have to be real with myself about which of my actions are impactful and which may be harmful.

Just today, I had to pull myself by the collar for a serious talk.  Yes, I can allow myself some grace due to the insanely fraught times we are living through.  But I also must hold a mirror up to show myself some hard truths, such as the unhelpful habits I’d formed (phone addiction, arguing with strangers online, ignoring goals I’d set for myself).  I’ve made a decision to recommit to what’s important to me and worked with my coach to create a structure to help me focus and hold myself accountable.

The Approach – Weekly Personal Board Meeting  

My weekly Personal Board Meeting is the space I’ve carved out once a week to sit down, examine the goals I’ve identified as priorities for the year, and create action steps I’ll take that week toward achieving them.Here’s what it could look like for you:

  1. Determine a 30-minute block of time each week for your personal board meeting.
  2. Select a few significant, yet achievable goals that you want to accomplish by the end of the year.
  3. Designate a section for each goal in a notebook and commit to one action step toward each goal per week.
  4. Make an appointment with yourself on the calendar to complete the action step.
  5. Check in with yourself on each action step the following week during your next personal board meeting. (This follow up could be a standing agenda item).
  6. Celebrate your accomplishments, make necessary adjustments, create new action steps for the next week.

Set up your personal board meetings and let me know in the comments how it’s going.

Janine Rudder is a coach and co-owner at Manifestara:

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